Sex on the First Date of Naw…

This question has yet to be answered clearly, so I’m here to provide you with my answer and this goes for both men and women! About 50 years ago I think it would’ve mattered if we waited “X” amount of days before engaging in sexual activities with a person, probably due to moral standards. We’re smoothly rolling into 2020, and I personally don’t think people care anymore whether you wait or not. I also don’t think that it will help or hinder the potential relationship or situationship either (shrugs shoulders). The millennials are showing us that sex isn’t the deciding factor in whether you get asked out on a second date or not!

Yes, there are some people who are waiting due to religious preferences, and that’s completely fine. If it’s some other stuff brewing in that relationship sex isn’t going to save it. Oops! Did I say that out loud? When we have sex with someone a little piece of us is always left behind within that person which can leave a soul tie, which is what I call it. While you’re sitting around asking yourself why can’t I get over this person, it’s probably because of that soul tie. Sex is sacred, and should be shared with someone special. As we all know it doesn’t always happen like that.

A lot of times we find ourselves lonely, and we use sex to fill that void, and sometimes we end up in a relationship. It’s ok, because you know what, it doesn’t matter if you engage in sex after 30 minutes or if you wait a whole year. I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m a saint because I’m far from that. I’ve made a man wait months, and I’ve also gave it up a little sooner and guess what he still left. I think people are looking for the answer to this question to be the bible to getting that person to stay in your life. The answer to this question ain’t it boo! We can’t make people stay in relationships that they don’t want to be in.

Women are accused of being easy if we have sex on the first date or soon after, but then men get to go free with no judgement! How is that fair? Well ladies, it’s not get over it. That’s the world we live! Ladies make sure you ask that man what he’s looking for, because you don’t want to get caught up and next thing you know you’re crying in the corner because you forgot to ask if this was going to be a onetime thing or not. Guys I didn’t forget about you! Y’all better make sure these women tell you what they’re looking for too. She doesn’t want to come home, and find you sitting on her doorstep with wings (flats) and flowers. Comprehension is important in these situationships, the wrong amount of miscommunication can land both of y’all in some trouble!

 Y’all know how these men and women are nowadays. So, if you have a God, spiritual leader, something or someone you worship, meditation or whatever you look to for guidance just think about it and then make your decision. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do, and if you’re forced that would be RAPE! We must start doing what we think is right for us and our life, instead of what other people outside of the two engaging parties think. That’s the problem with us millennial’s we’ve taken on toxic traits from our parents’ generation, and we just need to leave that mess in 2019 because it won’t be tolerated in 2020. Stop trying to mind other folks’ business, especially their sexual business!

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  1. You honestly don’t even wanna be with someone who requests sex on a 1st date if you are looking to build something long term. As a guy, if I request sex on a 1st date, I have already conditioned my mind that that’s mostly what I want from you. Sex doesn’t guarantee a 2nd date or a commitment. I’d go a 2nd date because I like you and I’d be committed because I have made a decision to. As Aleshia said, don’t allow no one pressure you to do what you don’t wanna do and at some level it’s sexy to say no.

    Amazing piece as always…..I’m almost screaming “preach it sister!”….lolz. Well done!

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  2. Many people have different opinions about this. I know of a family that had sex on the same night and are happily married with kids. In most cases it shouldn’t be the case.

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